MiniTack by Kensington Canvas Blanket


Mountain Series of Waterproof Canvas Sheet and Blankets
This new Minitack by Kensington series of Miniature Horse Blankets is incredible, not only in design but in price. Great fit, great price and awesome Kensington quality.

The shell is not your traditional canvas. We have incorporated a little polyester too which allows it to the accept the waterproofing better as a result you get a better waterproofed blanket. The shell is a nice 18 ounce heavyweight canvas blend that is durable, waterproof and breathable. The blanket comes with either 80 or 240 gram of hollow fiberfill and a 70 denier nylon liner. The sheet is unlined.

Closed front, double hook and loop belly band, darted rump, contoured top line, removeable elastic back leg straps, tail piece and shearling at withers.

Black with red trim. Comes in 2″ increments from 38″ to 54″.

Canvas sheet (KM800)  $ 49.00
80 gram Lightweight Blanket (KM825) $59.00
240 gram Heavyweight Blanket (KM850)  $69.00   

Currently out of stock on the following:
80 gram (KM825) Size 38, 46, 48, 50, 52
240 gram (KM850) Size 48, 50

Sheet (KM800) Size 48