Arkansas Miniature Horse Society Spring Clinic DVD

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” AMHS Spring Clinic” featuring Larry Parnell and Leah Johnson ( # SIM227)
The Arkansas Miniature Horse Society held an excellent one day spring clinic. The range of topics covered are all important to owning and showing miniature horses. The speakers are knowledgeable and informative. Both beginners and experienced mini owners can learn from these great educational DVDs. This 4 DVD set covers the entire day and more (5 hours and 37 minutes). Monies from each DVD Set sold is donated to the AMHS club.

DVD 1 – Planning for Shows: Learn the things that you need to take to shows, how to plan for travel, and how to complete entries. Clipping: Learn to clip the head & neck, how to do winter clips, sculpting between the blade sizes, and good general information on clipping techniques. Also discussed are proper equipment and care of equipment.

DVD 2 – Clipping: is continued on the second DVD. Preparing for the Show Ring: Learn how to thin your horses manes, how to prepare hooves and hoof treatments, and see facial makeup applied to miniatures.

DVD 3 – Conformation: A general discussion of halter horse conformation, and ways to show to your horses best advantage. Choosing and fitting show halters: See the different types of show halters, their uses and selection, and proper fitting of the halters. Showing your horse at halter: Learn some of best ways to show off your halter horses best features, from the way that you prepare them to the way you set them up in a class. Harnessing your Horse: Learn the parts of a harness, what they are for and how to harness your horse correctly.

DVD 4 – Types of Driving Horses: The different driving divisions are discussed along with the types of horses. General Driving Questions: Questions from the audience about driving and showing are answered, including proper show attire, the use of headers, and types of carts. Hoof Trimming: Chris Zirkle demonstrates the trimming of your miniatures feet, and discusses subjects like nutrition for hoof care and possible problems with hooves and how to trim for show or driving.

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