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Miniature Horse Show Halters
All Show Halters take 10-14 days.  They are made to your color and size specifications.  Please call us if you need them quicker.

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Patent Noseband Show Halters

The Triumph   Closed Ring Halter w/ patent nose.    5603 See the Miniature Horse Show Halters
The Russian   Filigree sides w/ patent nose.    5028 5028
The Czar   Cable sides w/ patent nose       5021 5021
The Gypsy   Beautiful neon noseband with matching nose    5134 5134
The Mariah    Interchangeable patent nosebands w/colored beads    5180 5180
Galaxy Show Halter   Metallic nosebands w/matching side beads 
Tanzar   Cable sides w/ colored nose    5020 5020
 Victory Halters
Closed ring halters 
NEW New Training Show Halter  BKM Training Show Halter for the hard to handle horses BKMTSH BBTH

Bar Noseband Show Halters

Madeline    Australian crystal sides w/bar nosebands    50020 50020
Prince   Filigree sides w/ bar nose    5013 5013
Empress II   Filigree sides w/ bar nose  Top Seller !!    5010 5010
The Duke  Cable sides w/ interchangeable bar noseband.
                  Or jazz it up with conchos and throatlatch. 
5001 5001
See the new Lutke Convertible Halter    All In One Performance Halter
WEB ONLY SALE  !!  Added optional matching browband.  This halter is stocked and can ship immediately.
DL100 DL100

Cable Show Halters

The Cianna - A New Hope  refined beaded halter  5006 5006
Merchant   Beaded sides and nose    
Princess   Filigree sides and nose    67050 67050
Genie   Beaded sides and nose    5002 5002
Impressive   Filigree sides w/ filigree noseband FC2155 FC2155
Show Halters Accessories    
Kensington Double Halter Bag    Waterproof w/inside pockets KMHB KMHB
Halter Bag by Show Horse Design    Shearling lined in 3 sizes 
Large color choice
SHD3524 SHD3524
Halter Accessory Package
Chin Chain w/Keeper and 5' Lead w/ Snap only $24.00
6000 6000
Vinylex   Vinyl cleaning, protection and beautifying. KKVPL  
    DVD  Showing your Miniature at Halter NEW    SIM160 SIM160
    DVD  Ringside - Miniature Halter   NEW    SIM170 SIM170
Please visit for Large Pony, Cobb and Arab Horse Show Halters.  All made by BKM Designs.

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